Weekly Recap

I didn’t think I’d have one of these for a while since I started Weight Watchers, but I have to admit that this past weekend was not one of my better ones as far as adhering to a diet is concerned. But I got to try a place I’ve been wanting to have for weeks. Also, I didn’t get that cheeseburger I’ve been counting down six weeks for. This entire weekend ended up being my consolation prize. Whatever.

Friday evening, Valentine’s Day, was a night I’d been looking forward to for six weeks—the amount of time it’s been since I’ve had a cheeseburger and French fries. Date and I made a reservation at The Rookwood for a number of reasons: 1) If I was going to be having a cheat meal, I wanted a good, legit cheeseburger and fries; 2) The Rookwood is the perfect place for a date; 3) They take reservations, so no worrying about waiting for a table. Alas, Mother Nature had other plans—ones that involved dumping a quick few inches of snow and covering the streets and hills of Cincinnati; thus devolving into very slippery driving conditions. See also: we tried making the drive anyway until my car got stuck driving up the first hill to Mt. Adams.

We turned around and decided on Oakley Pub instead, which also serves outstanding burgers, and is within walking distance to Date’s apartment and plenty of bars. I tried the Soul Burger (seasoned with jerk spices and topped with bacon, grilled onion and American cheese) and accompanied it with onion rings, while Date opted for the Zola (topped with capicola ham, bacon, mushrooms, grillled onion and American cheese) and a side of cole slaw. After arriving safely from our white-knuckled driving experience through the treacherous, hilly roads of Cincinnati (I’m glad Date trusts me, because boy, was he on edge during that trek), we decided to make a night of our mishaps. The conversation went a bit like this: “Want to just get hammered?” “Yep.” And that was that.

I got a good burger at Oakley Pub, where I enjoyed my standard Raspberry Vodka and Soda and Date got a couple of craft beers. From there, we settled in for a little while at The Oak Tavern, then met up with some friends (and ran into some others) at Habit’s Cafe. Despite retiring around 12:30am, I can’t say that I felt awesome on Saturday morning, and deemed ordering Sleepy Bee Cafe carry-out as entirely necessary. I’ve missed that place and I’m happy to report that, even when ordered to go, it is delicious.

Saturday night we spent the evening at The Phoenix (more on that later) for my Young Professionals’ Choral Collective 2nd Annual Choir Gala. There was an abundance of appetizers, which ultimately meant my diet was being thrown to the wayside yet again. Everything was delicious—especially the potatoes, good lord—so I’m not going to beat myself up over it. The finale to this wonderfully bad weekend was our first-ever tryst with The Eagle OTR (more on this later, too). We figured the best bet for finding a seat with a reasonable wait time would be on a Sunday afternoon. Okay, fine, last night I also had my mom bring a couple of slices of Cassano’s pizza home with her because it’s some of my favorite ‘za in the area.

I’m happy to report that I’m back on the wagon as of this morning, but I’d like to think that this past weekend of indulgence was well worth it. We deserve it once in a while, right?


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  1. Andrea says:

    It’s a bummer that you couldn’t make it to Rookwood but I am impressed that you tried! Luckily I had reservations at Alfio’s, which is walking distance for me, so I didn’t have to deal with driving. It was my first time there and I loved it!

    1. Pop Culture Broad says:

      Yum! I’ll be honest, I’d never heard of Alfio’s. Googled it though, and it looks awesome! Glad you enjoyed it.

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