Midweek Must Mention — The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a Cincinnati institution. Originally “constructed in 1893 as a Jewish Businessman’s organization designed by prominent Cincinnati architect Samuel Hannaford,” The Phoenix appears on the National Historic Register and now serves as a private banquet hall.

To say I was looking forward to spending the evening here for my choir’s 2nd Annual Young Professionals’ Choral Collective Gala with friends would be a vast understatement. To my initial reaction, however, I was a little underwhelmed with the building’s interior. At first glance, the illustrious and historic architectural landmark was a bit understated, but upon further viewing and paying more attention to its lovely details, I noticed that The Phoenix was much more than met the eye. Its grand, expansive, and embellished grand entryway and ballroom provide a lovely welcoming into whichever event you may be attending.

Built during the Italian Renaissance, The Phoenix boasts a plethora of Tiffany-style stained glass, which was one of my favorite details of the building’s historic charm. In addition to the Tiffany windows, I would say that the balconies featured prominently in the Grand Ballroom boasted lovely craftsmanship as well as proved to be the perfect perches for a choral performance to take place.

I was very impressed with not only the details in the building, but the service at the bars as well as the waitstaff were outstanding also. The hors d’oeuvres delicious, too. I can only imagine how fantastic The Phoenix would be for a wedding reception, seeing as the Choir Gala that was held there was simply outstanding.

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