Week 8 – Slatts Pub

Anymore, I  love being able to patronize a local establishment while adhering to my new lifestyle. It isn’t often that these local restaurants serve diet-friendly dishes, but I’ve found that there are a number of American restaurants in the area (I’ll write more about this later) that serve just that.

Slatts Pub is an American restaurant located near the intersection of Cooper and Kenwood Roads in Blue Ash. The menu is pretty extensive, and boasts items such as salads, sandwiches, tacos, burgers, and various protein-centric (chicken, fish, and beef) entrees. My go-to fare is salmon and veggies, so any restaurant that has that option is A-okay with me.

The food is good and the restaurant is large and can easily host a bigger party for birthdays or work get-togethers. The outdoor seating area is great, too, for the warmer months of the year (are they here yet?!). I especially recommend Slatts if you have a group of people to which an expansive menu needs to cater.


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