Weekly Recap

This past weekend was another one of those not awesome weekends, but it wasn’t too bad either. Cincinnati-wise it was awesome. Diet-wise, I’ve had better, but I still did pretty well considering.

Friday night I went to Milton’s Prospect Hill Tavern for a friend’s 30th birthday celebration. It was there I got to see a number of people I know—some I haven’t seen in a very long time. Being able to catch up with friends while patronizing a fantastic local bar was pretty great. After Milton’s I was fortunate enough to check out Cincinnati’s very own Roadtrippers. I’ll tell you more about that later.

With Date beginning his new regimen this week, Saturday we began our day by eating at our favorite Japanese restaurant, Kyoto, in Symmes Township. I figured I would support his indulging by going with him because I’m such a nice girlfriend. Also, it sounded delicious and I am all for a treat here and there. Later in the afternoon we were fortunate enough to secure tickets to the Xavier vs. Creighton game at the Cintas Center, which is one of my favorite sports facilities in the area. Being newer, it lends itself to great aesthetics and all-around practicality (except no cup holders). Plus I got to see Doug McDermott play, and Xavier beat the 9th-ranked team in the nation, which were pretty good, too. We followed up the XU win by getting a burger from Gordo’s. (Naturally. It’s kind of a tradition around these parts.) Gordo’s has one of my favorite burgers in the area, and it was well worth the indulgence.

Now back to my regularly scheduled programming of Weight Watchers until hopefully my birthday.


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