Week 9 — Green Papaya

When I refer to my “best friend” it usually begins with “one of…” and there are a few ways I can mean:

1) My best friend. The ultimate. The best friend I’ve known since I was born.
2) “My two best friends from high school.” Graduated with them. Still best friends. Self explanatory.
3) “One of my best friends from college.” Friends became family members in college and I am still very close to a select few.

This particular best friend has been one of my closest friends throughout middle school (okay, the tail-end of 8th grade, but still), high school, and college, where we attended Bowling Green State University together and even lived with each other for a short time (she’s a year older than I am). She currently lives in New York, so whenever she comes home (not often enough), it’s important to go to a restaurant that can pony up and compete with the NYC scene. She also has pretty strict diet restrictions, so we typically opt for Asian food (unless we go here).

Green Papaya was my first choice. Not only was I extremely impressed my first go-around with this Thai delicacy, but it is concurrent with my new lifestyle, and it catered to NYBF’s (New York Best Friend) dietary needs as well. NYBF’s sister, who joined us, was happy with the decision as well, despite not having dietary restrictions. Worked for everyone!

Green Papaya

What we got [clockwise from top left]: California roll; shrimp dumplings with”house special sauce” which is a really delicious version of—what I’d guess to be—Asian honey mustard; vegetable fresh roll wrapped in rice paper and served with peanut sauce; and grilled salmon with steamed mixed vegetables (YUM). NYBF’s sister got mango fried rice (not pictured here, but documented in my original post), which has chicken and shrimp and is so delicious. Thankfully she let me have a bite!

My opinion from my first experience remains the same: this food is seriously delicious. It may not usurp my favorite Thai dish of all time (Thai Garlic Chicken from Mekong Thai Cuisine), but it’s a close second. I want to make this place a regular, especially since I can have it on my diet.


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