Week 11 – Knockback Nat’s

I love me some chicken wings and recently found myself invited to Knockback’s for March Madness and wings with, ahem, girlfriends.

I’d been to the bar a number of times, but had never tried the food, and had been dying to try the smoked delicacy I’d heard so much about in Knockback’s wings. I decided to order eight with medium sauce and ranch on the side (of course). Not 20 minutes later, the food arrived and I was more than happy to dig in.

My wings were good enough. I’m not sure the medium variety lived up to the local and nationally acclaimed accolades I’ve read so much about, but they were good. The ranch rubbed smoked chicken wings were pretty phenomenal, and I will absolutely be getting those next time. And, speaking of ranch, the side that accompanied my chicken-y fare was top notch—the real standout of the meal. I was especially thankful for the ranch because those wings were spicy. Even the ones with ranch rub.

What I loved most about Knockback’s was that it was a place where I could simply order at the bar for my food to be delivered to my table as soon as it was ready. Not many bars have such great food. I will be back.


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