Week 13 – Neon’s Brunch

Like we needed a reason for Neon’s to be any cooler on a nice, sunny Sunday afternoon.

I think a lot of people can agree that Neon’s has become over-saturated by Cincinnati’s bro population. At least on Friday and Saturday nights. Maybe I’m just old. I digress. Enjoying day drinks on the patio is still tops in my book, as I had my 29th “birthday party” during happy hours on Saturday evening. I guess I couldn’t get enough of the place, because after we watched some Premier League at Rhinehaus on Sunday morning, we found ourselves heading right back to Neon’s to try its newly-instated Sunday brunch brought to us by @taste513. Date said, “We’re going to have every kind of OTR brunch possible before the end of this Premier League season.” I hope he’s not wrong.

We were both impressed by MOTR’s brunch that we had recently, and because the burgers are so good at Neon’s anyway, we thought brunch may end up being really delicious. We weren’t wrong. I opted for the Burger (infused with bacon, and with an over-easy egg, arugula, and tomato) since I was in the state where greasy food was entirely necessary. Date got the Chorizo Tacos. One of our friends got the same as Date, while the other opted for the Croissant Sandwich with bacon (egg, cheese, and your choice of bacon, sausage, or goetta, on the softest, most delicious croissant I’ve ever sunk my teeth into). My burger was awesome, Date loved the Chorizo tacos (the best he’s had, he claims), and we all agreed that the Croissant Sandwich was tops. I cannot wait to get my hands on the Eggs Not Benedict (English muffin with two over-easy eggs, local bacon, and IPA cheddar sauce) next time I have Neon’s brunch.

Because, oh, there will absolutely be a next time. What a fabulous way to start a Sunday and to bring your weekend to a close.


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