Weekly Recap

This past weekend was another one of those where I got to do and see so many fantastic things around the city. Being that my birthday was last week, April 1, we decided no fooling around on how to celebrate. So celebrate we did.

Saturday morning, my friend and I started the day off by going to Washington Park‘s free Boot Camp. Every Saturday until May 31, WP will host a series of various styles of Weekend Workouts. It was a little tough (I am so sore!), but what better way to start the weekend than by working out in the midst of our great city with Music Hall (and more outstanding architecture) serving as a backdrop? From Boot Camp, I decided I deserved a Holtman’s Donut. The place was packed! I opted for my go-to cake donut with chocolate icing, and thought that I would get a dozen to share for my birthday festivities to follow. The cake donut with chocolate is still my favorite after trying so many different kinds (sugar twist, glazed, maple bacon, and glazed fudge cake; the latter serving as my birthday cake). Have I told you guys how much I love that place?

For my birthday, Date bought us tickets to the Cincinnati Museum Center, where we spent a few hours perusing Diana, A Celebration exhibit, the Cincinnati History Museum, and the Natural History Museum. From there, we made our way to late-afternoon drinks and patio sitting at The Famous Neon’s Unplugged. The weather was wonderful—the sky clear and a bit warmer than we are used to (this winter was just brutal), even though the chill was pretty real after the sun went down. Soon after that happened, we planned to go to Wunderbar in Covington for dinner. I’d heard the pierogies were tops and Date is German, so it seemed necessary. (More on this place later.) After dinner, we found our way to Newport on the Levee to watch basketball and hang out with Date’s family.

Sunday was a bit more low key, but we still got to enjoy time watching soccer at Rhinehaus, then got brunch at Neon’s. After even more relaxation (read: three-hour nap), Date and I treated ourselves to one of our favorite Indian spots, Shaan Indian Cuisine. Guys, this weekend was awesome.

I still struggle to see how people think there isn’t anything to do in this city. What are some of your favorite things?


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