Week 14 – Birthday Date

As previously mentioned, Date purchased tickets to the Cincinnati Museum Center thinking it was something I would really enjoy for my birthday. He knows me well.

Instead of boring you with the entire play-by-play of the day, I’ll give you the rundown as concisely as I can. Although the entire day consisted of many great Cincinnati-centric events, Date’s birthday date for me took place in three main parts: the Museum Center, Neon’s, and Wunderbar.

Cincinnati Museum Center

What we didn’t realize was that the tickets didn’t include the Diana, A Celebration exhibition and, considering that’s what I was most looking forward to seeing, Date was a real trooper and added it on to the rest of our tours. Admittedly, I didn’t spend the time reading everything and we got through the exhibition in about 1/20 the time it normally takes. Despite that, I found Diana to be extremely emotional. On more than a couple of occasions, I was near tears thinking about the woman Princess Diana was and the legacy she left beyond her untimely death. My favorite part of the exhibition was the home videos from when she was a child. A wonderful, nostalgic touch to an overall wonderful, yet emotional experience. Diana will be at the Cincinnati Museum Center until August 17, so if you  have the chance, I highly recommend checking it out.

The Cincinnati History Museum is so awesome, guys. The scale models of the city are truly incredible and well worth the cost of admission alone.

Union Terminal is otherworldly beautiful, if you weren’t already aware.

Union Terminal exterior.
Union Terminal exterior.
Union Terminal exterior again. This time with Date.
Union Terminal exterior again. This time with Date.
Union Terminal interior. This time featuring the train station.
Union Terminal interior. This time featuring a sign to the train station.

The Famous Neon’s Unplugged

To be fair, I planned this part. But it was an integral part of the day Date and I had together, and any event with him involved is kind of the best.

I am fortunate to have not only had Date celebrating my 29th birthday, but so many wonderful people came out to join me as well. I am eternally and infinitely grateful for these people, and I’m even more thankful that someplace as wonderful as Neon’s is available for such celebrations. The weather was nice, there was plenty of room to socialize, and the drinks were—as usual—aplenty and delicious. I also bought Holtman’s Donuts in lieu of having a birthday cake, so that was pretty awesome, too.

29th Birthday Celebration at Neon's.
29th Birthday Celebration at Neon’s.


We followed Neon’s up with Covington’s Wunderbar (translation: “Wonderful”). Date is German (see: second-generation American; not just Cincinnati German). I also love pierogies and I’d been jonesing to try a new local restaurant to add to my arsenal. And to have a good, worthwhile birthday cheat meal amid my Weight Watchers journey, if I’m being honest.

My best friend and her husband joined us, as we ordered and got to try pierogies; a giant soft preztel with the mustard sampler; pretzel dumplings; Date got currywurst with potatoes; and Best Friend’s husband got a different kind of wurst and potatoes (truth be told, I didn’t try his). The pierogies were good. Not amazing, but they were good and had bacon on top. Could have been much worse. My favorites were the giant pretzel and Date’s currywurst. Next time I will be sure to get beer cheese with the pretzel instead of mustard, and I’d love to try the potato pancakes instead of having pretzel dumplings. Overall I was very happy with what I had, and look forward to going back to have the things I loved and things I’ve yet to try.

29th Birthday Dinner at Wunderbar.
29th Birthday Dinner at Wunderbar.

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