Weekly Recap

This weekend has provided yet another weekend recap … which is awesome, but that also explains why I’ve gained each of the last two weeks I’ve weighed in at Weight Watchers. Is this what qualifies as a First World Problem? I digress.

Regardless, this past weekend was yet another fantastic one spent with Date and friends.

Having had the day off for Good Great Friday, I got to get some things done and to do some fun things. After researching the cost of tanning around the area, I found myself at City Limits Laundry and Tanning in Clifton because it was—by far—the best deal. While I don’t advocate gratuitous tanning (fake or otherwise), I will be in Florida for a friend’s wedding in less than ten days, and 1) don’t want to appear so milky in my bridesmaid’s dress, and 2) don’t want to fry on the beach. City Limits provided the best alternative, and I got five visits for $20. DEAL, I tell you. If you must go tanning in the future, I recommend this place. The facilities are clean and the service is outstanding. (There are other locations, too.)

After I got my Tan Beauty on, I met my friend at her place, where we enjoyed listening to the Reds game, some bourbon on the rocks, and the beautiful weather. To follow, we found our way to Knockback Nat’s to enjoy the night with friends. And chicken wings! And a surprise appearance from Date!

Saturday we went to the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum. The weather was unbelievable and provided a wonderful landscape for photographing a deserted Great American Ball Park (Reds are currently on a road trip). The Hall of Fame and Museum were pretty incredible, too. The Reds, being the storied franchise that it is, proved to be a fantastic subject, and it was fun and informative to have the opportunity to be briefed on its interesting history and the longevity of the organization. My favorite part was the “sports den” where a Highlights and Blooper reel plays on loop. But more on this later!

Saturday night we checked out Spinning Fork in Fairfield with Date’s family, and we went home to go to bed early so that we could be up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for a Premier League game viewing at Rhinehaus at 7am on Sunday. Liverpool beat Norwich City in a 3-2 thriller (a little too close for comfort), and Date and I enjoyed brunch at Taste of Belgium immediately following. Since Findlay Market was closed for Easter, it was a pretty decent consolation prize. Especially since it’s one of our favorite brunch spots. To close out our weekend tour of the greater Cincinnati area, we ate at the Barleycorn’s Five Mile House for Easter brunch.

This past weekend was awesome.


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