Weekly Recap

This is the weekly recap to end all weekly recaps. This weekend was so gloriously exhausting and IT. WAS. AWESOME.

The weekend started out low key and on Thursday night, as Date and I made the leisurely stroll to Oakley Square to enjoy dinner on Habits Café’s patio. The weather was a bit chilly but perfect with long sleeves, and it satisfied my dietary restrictions and Date’s beer connoisseuring. Win/win.

Friday night’s level of low key rivaled Thursday’s, as Date and I opted for my all-time favorite dish in the history of ever at Mekong Thai Cuisine (Thai garlic chicken and a veggie egg roll). From there, we walked to The Root Cellar, where we Date perused the beer selection and put together quite the six-mix-pack.

Thai Garlic Chicken at Mekong
Thai Garlic Chicken at Mekong
Veggie egg roll at Mekong
Veggie egg roll at Mekong

We decided to try something new on Saturdays by finding nearby places to hike. We trekked through Ault Park, a park to which I’d never been. The hike was brief yet worthwhile, as it was a good workout and the park itself was very nice. After we drove back to Date’s place, we decided to make the walk to Oakley Square again, where he retrieved his library card from the Public Library of Cincinnati – Oakley Branch; we stopped by The Spotted Goose so that I could browse the selection for a friend’s brand new baby boy; and we briefly went inside Blue Manatee to check things out and so that Date could get an iced coffee, an orange juice, and cookies (there was a $5 minimum on credit card orders). After departing from Oakley, I had plans to go to the Clifton Cultural Arts Center to meander my way through Crafty Supermarket, where I had Dojo Gelato for lunch—because grown-up. Also yum. And the Axis Mundi (rich chocolate with MadTree Brewing’s Russian Imperial Stout) was awesome. The drive from Oakley to Clifton and then to OTR was one of my favorite parts of the day. I listened to Walk the Moon with the windows down and fell more in love with this great city.

But back to my drive to OTR: what I was looking for at The Spotted Goose, they didn’t have, but I knew they would at Park + Vine. Still in the giving spirit, I happily made my way to HalfCut, where I bought an on-sale 32 oz. growler ($1 with a fill instead of the standard $5) filled with Ommegang Glimmerglass (spring saison). I went on a limb there, but Date said he loved it, so go me!

32 oz. Ommegang Glimmerglass at HalfCut
32 oz. Ommegang Glimmerglass at HalfCut

Saturday didn’t stop there, as we met with two of Date’s friends for dinner at one of my favorite non-river-view patio restaurants in the city: Arthur’s. I got the Salmon BLT and a side of steamed broccoli, which were really delicious. We topped the evening off with a trip to MadTree Brewing, where the three of them enjoyed some hoppy libations and laughs provided by yours truly.*

Saturday was an early night, as we woke up early to watch Liverpool at Rhinehaus at 8:30am. The grand finale of the weekend happened soon thereafter, as I saved all of my flex points throughout the entire week so that I could indulge in brunch at MOTR. I got the biscuits and chorizo gravy and it was amazing. And the tater tots are pretty unbelievable, too. (Okay, fine, the ranch was the slam, too. I can’t forget that.) You’d be hard pressed to find me a better, more inexpensive brunch in the city right now. I can’t rave about it enough.

Biscuits and chorizo gravy and tater tots at MOTR brunch
Biscuits and chorizo gravy and tater tots at MOTR brunch

The weekend wasn’t truly over until I picked my brother up from the Greater Cincinnati Airport and, as we drove back to our great city, got to see the skyline in all its glory. Y’know, the view of the city driving north on 75 that you just can’t get enough of? Yeah, that.

View of Cincinnati from I-75 North in Northern Kentucky
View of Cincinnati from I-75 North in Northern Kentucky

I’m exhausted just recapping that. I love this city.

*Jury’s still out on the validity of that statement.


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