Week 16 — Mazunte

Want good tacos? Here’s your place.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that maybe I just don’t love authentic Mexican tacos. Perhaps it’s something with the tortillas, but I—more specifically—don’t generally love Bakersfield. And everyone and her mother seems to think that place is the next coming. I don’t get it. Even the tortas are just okay, as with those, I’d happily opt for Tacos Locos instead. Nada is pretty decent, but again, I’ll take Mazunte over the aforementioned any day.

Unassumingly situated in a strip center in Madisonville, Mazunte—if you’re not paying attention—can easily be missed. It is because Date had been a number of times and knew where we were going that we decided to check it out together. I opted for the Mixed Tacos with one grilled fish taco, a sangria steak taco, and a taco dorado (rolled and fried crispy with braised chicken). The latter was simply amazing. Next time I would seriously consider getting a trio of Tacos Dorados because they were that good. They were all good, though. Date also got a mixed trio, but with a shredded pork taco in lieu of the dorado, and that was good, too.

From left: grilled fish taco, taco dorado, and steak taco
From left: grilled fish taco, taco dorado, and steak taco

Not only were the tacos outstanding, but the system as a whole was the best part. You walk up, order at the register, take a seat, and they bring your order to you. And there’s beer, if that’s your thing. My only complaint would be the parking situation, as the front lot is pretty small. But with additional parking behind the building, we found one anyway.

¡Mazunte para siempre!*

*Mazunte forever!


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