Week 18 – Go OTR 5K and City Flea

There aren’t many better ways to spend a Saturday morning in Cincinnati than by running a few miles through Over-the-Rhine’s historic streets followed by live music, vendors, and food trucks lining 14th Street for City Flea, the Queen City’s “curated urban flea market.”

Okay, the run would have been a lot better had it not rained for the better part of it (and even poured for about a mile). But after completing a whopping 3.1 miles (bumper sticker coming soon?) for Go OTR 5K, I got to make my way through about 100 vendors—all from around the region and all bringing unique and wonderful merchandise to the, err, counter. It was at City Flea where I got to expand on my vintage camera collection; add to my retro Bengals sweatshirt arsenal; patronize Be Ohio Proud by getting my paws on one of its “Home” tank tops; and support a local band (Buffalo Wabs) by purchasing their album. I also indulged in food truck goodness, where I got a Bee Sting from C’est Cheese, Best Friend got mini cheeseburger fries from Eclectic Comfort Food, and Date got tacos and a quesadilla from Red Sesame Korean BBQ. We all shared, and it was all so good.

You see, at City Flea, the live music that I got to see consisted of Cincy Brass and Buffalo Wabs & the Price Hill Hustle. The former was unbelievable as usual, while I had never seen the latter. I loved the Buffalo Wabs, too, and being an Americana/Folk band (one of my favorite genres), purchasing their available EP ($5!) was entirely necessary.

It wasn’t a cheap venture, Saturday. The 5K was a bit tougher than I expected (let’s blame the weather), I spent a pretty penny on my goods, and I indulged in some good bad eats (let’s blame the 5K). But boy, oh boy, was it all worth it.


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