Week 20 – yp/CC, Rhinegeist, and Cafe Lang Thang

I sing as a part of the Young Professionals’ Choral Collective (yp/CC), and we recently had a concert at Rhinegeist Brewery. Given the massive size of Rhinegeist, I was a little worried about the overall acoustics of our set, but with catered Vietnamese food, friends, great beer, expansive and wonderful space, and our choir serving as the musical backdrop, our Spring Saengerfest was sure to not disappoint.

The shear amount of awesome indeed dwarfed my worries, and our concert was a huge hit.

A $20 ticket purchased to attend included a beer (or wine) token, a Cafe Lang Thang-catered sandwich, and support for yp/CC’s concert performance and organization as a whole.

I had never had Cafe Lang Thang previously, which is of Lang Thang (Pho Lang Thang and Quan Hapa) fame. The Vietnamese fare I tried, the Vietnamese-style Banh Bao sandwich, was really delicious. I have been dying to try Pho Lang Thang at Findlay Market for about forever now, and having the opportunity to give Bao a try made me all the more eager to get there for my first tryst with Banh Mi.

Our choir, yp/CC is truly wonderful. With vocal and musical skills ranging from minimal (yours truly) to expert (professional musicians and music instructors/professors), our ensemble is extremely talented and simply wonderful to hear. Our sound partnered with great food, great beer, and a great location was truly a remarkable and one-of-a-kind event.


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