Week 24 – The Precinct

The Precinct had been on The List for quite a while, and it wasn’t until Date and I were discussing possible anniversary dinner locations that we decided on this Cincinnati institution. Not only is the overall architecture of The Precinct impressive in itself, it had quite a bit of hype to live up to. I was more than excited for the occasion. (Read: I had been perusing the menu for weeks preceding our date.)

Anniversary cocktails preceding our meal.
Obligatory anniversary celebration photo.

I got pretty decked out and, naturally, felt much classier than on my standard Friday night. Date looked pretty dapper, too, and I’m happy to report that The Precinct, in all its architectural and culinary glory, lived up to all of my expectations. Perhaps the overall experience would be best described in highlights:

  • We arrived a bit early and therefore found a couple of seats at the bar to enjoy a cocktail before being seated. Date opted for an Old Fashioned (because of course) while I sipped on Prosecco (because of course). Looking back, I absolutely loved the bar area and our experience there (albeit short). I also loved that, upon taking our seats at the bar, the bartender was quick to compliment my “beautiful” dress. Thank you, H&M, for that $12.95 treasure. Date really liked it, too.
  • Our food was all outstanding as well. Starting with the Arancini, then the Freddie Salad, which preceded our entrees, the fare was great from top to bottom. I love a good steak, but I’ve never really been one to order it out. It was necessary for our tryst with The Precinct, though, so for our meals, Date got the Whitworth (14-ounce Blackened Primed NY Strip with Horseradish Sauce), and I chose the Steak Collinsworth (9-ounch Filet, King Crab & Asparagus, Béarnaise & Mushroom Bordelaise)—both served with garlic mashed potatoes, and we got a side of Baked Macaroni & Cheese to share. Even though it is really tough to choose, I’d say my favorite dish was the Freddie Salad. And you know it’s a great meal when the steak reheats well, because I rarely eat leftovers.
  • The service was outstanding. From Jeff Ruby himself to the service we received from our valet, the service we received surpassed any and all expectations that I’d had. Being a Jeff Ruby establishment, I expected the best, and I think we got even better than that.

I loved our experience at The Precinct, and I am so glad I finally got to try it. I don’t think this will ever become a regular place to go, but I could definitely spend some happy hours at the bar, and would love to return for a special occasion.

Food [from left]: Entrees, Freddie Salad, and Arancini.
Food [from left]: Entrees, Freddie Salad, and Arancini.

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