Week 25 – Vitor’s

My favorite meal of Anniversary Weekend would have to be brunch at Vitor’s. And we had The Precinct the night before, so that’s how good it was. I know. It was only our second anniversary and we really made a big deal out of it. But we originally planned on going out of town, so we decided that we would stay in town and simply make a weekend of it. And that we did!

Saturday started off with Vitor’s, which I had heard so many great things about. We made reservations for noon, but after waking up early Saturday morning, we decided to head in and cancel our reservation. The restaurant, around 9:30am, was not crowded at all, and we decided on having the coffee bar. It was there I got to speak to who I presume was the owner, who was extremely friendly. Our server was great, too, and when we sat back down, he suggested we try the Fresh Hot Donuts with crème brulee dipping sauce. Yes and yes!

Food [clockwise from top left]: Fresh Hot Donuts, Breakfast Lasagna, goetta and fresh fruit, and Unforgettable French Toast.
Food [clockwise from top left]: Fresh Hot Donuts, Breakfast Lasagna, goetta and fresh fruit, and Unforgettable French Toast.
We followed our fantastic starter with His and Hers breakfast dishes: Unforgettable French Toast (two pieces of Texas Toast drenched in vanilla cocoa bean batter rolled in Frosted Flakes®. Topped with a Crème Brulee pastry cream, bananas, and whipped cream) and Breakfast Lasagna (Sausage, bacon, eggs, peppers, onions, ricotta mozzarella cheeses layered between fried pasta sheets topped with spicy hollandaise) respectively. We split a side of goetta, too, and it was good, but we could have easily gone without. Thoughts? The French Toast was amazing. Truly Unforgettable, as it lived up to its namesake. The Breakfast Lasagna was outstanding, too, and it even reheated well!

I was extremely impressed with our dining experience at Vitor’s and, even though it wasn’t cheap, it was entirely worth it. And upon doing a lot of raving about the food to some friends, two people I know went the next day. They both loved it, too!


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