Weekend Recap: Anniversary Weekend

I have a lot of really good weekends in this city, but Anniversary Weekend absolutely takes the cake. Here’s how it went down:

  1. I have Summer Hours on Fridays, and therefore got to meet Date for my first lunch tryst at Pho Lang Thang in Findlay Market.
  2. Friday night we had reservations for dinner at The Precinct. It was outstanding, as to be expected.
  3. Saturday morning we got to try Vitor’s Bistro’s brunch. Hands down best brunch I’ve had in this city, and definitely my favorite meal of the weekend.
  4. We met at a Reds game, had our first date at Great American Ball Park, celebrated our first anniversary watching the Reds play, and we felt it was necessary to follow suit for our second anniversary, too.
  5. From the Reds game, we put our names in at my favorite restaurant in the city, Senate, then we waited out our wait at Japp’s, where we had a couple of drinks with friends. After dinner, we made our way to Halfcut, where we enjoyed another beer before calling Lyft for a ride home.
  6. Sunday we decided to heat up our leftover Breakfast Lasagna from Vitor’s and ordered out pancakes and goetta from Sleepy Bee. It made for quite an outstanding meal.

That’s how great we ate throughout the weekend: we got a couple of reheated meals (from The Precinct and Vitor’s) that were better than most meals that I have regularly. Not only was hanging out with Date for the entire weekend amazing by itself, but we ate some of the best food in the city while doing so.


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