Week 27 — Eli’s BBQ

I never liked BBQ and, I’m not sure what it is, but in the past few months I’ve been really coming around to the taste.

I must be growing up.

Alas, when we were discussing places to meet my dad for Father’s Day, I threw out the idea of Eli’s thinking that it would be debunked due to its lack of proximity to everyone. But given its informal setting (order at the counter and take seats at picnic tables under large white tents) and its allegedly amazing food, I felt it would serve as a really great venue for my nearly-2-year-old nephew especially. Dad, Brother, Sister-in-law, and Date also really like pulled pork and BBQ, so I was pleasantly surprised that everyone was all in on the idea.

Our smörgåsbord from Eli's BBQ.
Our smörgåsbord from Eli’s BBQ.

Between the five of us adults, we got some kind of combination of pulled pork or smoked turkey sandwiches; macaroni and cheese; baked beans; cole slaw; jalapeno cornbread; and mashed potatoes. I’m happy to report that I got to try them all and YUM across the board. I was very impressed with everything I got to try and, although I got the smoked turkey, I think I will opt for the pulled pork next time. My favorites were the macaroni and cheese and jalapeno cornbread, but I even liked the baked beans, which I don’t typically love. Truly everything was very good.

Everyone else loved Eli’s, too, and I’m really happy that it was such a hit. The food was delicious, it was reasonably inexpensive, and there was plenty of seating and a short wait for food when we got there at 11am (there was a line when we left around 11:45). All around a fantastic experience. I will absolutely be back.


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