Week 28 — Local Parks

The greater Cincinnati area has no shortage of great parks, and I have been to a few recently that are worth talking about.

About a month ago, Date and I decided to start checking out some hiking locales as a way to spend some of our weekend mornings. We found ourselves at Ault Park for our first jaunt, as there are a couple of hiking trails that aren’t too challenging — perfect for beginners! It was a beautiful day that we decided to go, and the trail was good enough to where we felt like we got a little bit of exercise, but it wasn’t entirely taxing. It was hilly, which provided the most resistance workout wise. The overall landscape of the park was peaceful and beautiful.

Winton Woods is a Hamilton County Park that offers a plethora of golf, picnic, camping, leisure, exercise, and amusement opportunities. Winton Lake serves as the flagship landmark in the park, and around it there is a paved 1.7-mile trail loop, campgrounds, Parky’s Ark wet playground, snack bar and dining area, and a harbor with bicycle and paddle boat rentals. Winton Woods is fantastic for kids and families, as there is a lot to do there for however long you to choose to spend your time there.

Due to proximity alone, Winton Woods will always be held near and dear to me, but I was extremely impressed with Alms Park. It is one of the most beautiful* parks I’ve seen, and it’s pretty small, which lends to its charm and peacefulness. The playground and swings were fantastic for my nephew, and so was the view of Lunken Airport, where you can watch airplanes take off and land from Lunken Field.

If you’ve not been to any of the area parks, I highly suggest you do it! There are so many great ones in the area, and I can’t wait to see many more of them. What are some of your favorites?

*Devou Park is the other most beautiful park I’ve seen, which — due to its view of Cincinnati — is naturally one of the best.


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