Weekend Recap

Date and I enjoyed another really good weekend together, and we got to spend a good amount of time hanging out in our great city, eating at some really good places, and checking out some great destinations.

Thursday night we decided to eat at Green Papaya, which is located really closely to where he lives, and it is one of the better, more healthy dinner options in the area. Or at least I’d like to think so.

Friday afternoon I decided to get my running in at Winton Woods, where there is a 1.7-mile trail that loops Winton Lake, the flagship landmark in the sizable Hamilton County Park. It was pretty warm, but it was a place that served as a fantastic backdrop for a great jog. Later that evening, a friend and I met at FUSIAN – Kenwood, where we got our respective sushi rolls and spicy edamame — the latter being one of my favorite things in life currently. From there we perused downtown Loveland where we got a couple of drinks before going home.

Date and I treated ourselves to Dancing Wasabi because it had been a while since we’d been there. After, we watched the England v. Italy World Cup game at Cock & Bull, where I got the Local Beer flight, and then we decided to walk to Oak Tavern for another drink, where we ran into some friends and got to watch the rest of the Reds game.

Sunday was a day of firsts, as we finally got to eat at Eli’s BBQ for Father’s Day, then we went to Alms Park for a little while to prolong the Father’s Day festivities.

But I’ll tell you more about those later!


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