Week 29 — Catch-A-Fire Pizza

We were given an Employee Appreciation Lunch where I work, and lucky for me that meant I got to finally try Catch-A-Fire Pizza, “Cincinnati’s finest wood-fired craft pizzas, from a mobile platform.”

We were given a small menu from which to choose our complimentary lunch and, given my dietary restrictions*, I opted for one slice of pizza and a caesar salad. In standard Linsey form, when I retrieved my goods from one of Cincinnati’s better known food trucks, I got a slice of cheese pizza with my salad, sat down, and enjoyed my meal. You see, I have a theory about a lot of things and, as BK will agree, there is always a method to my madness**. This theory is that, while I order a lot of plain things (cheeseburgers, pizza, and ice cream especially), I believe that a restaurant must master the basics to be considered any kind of good at everything else.

Catch-A-Fire Pizza

And Catch-A-Fire had really good cheese pizza. It may not be the best in the area, but it’s certainly upper echelon of food truck fare and it rivals some of the better pizza parlors in the area. The pie wasn’t too greasy and the slice was big enough to satisfy me (though could have been a bit bigger and I’d have been okay with that). The caesar salad was also good, as the dressing came on the side and left how much of it ended up on the lettuce to me. Thus, Catch-A-Fire is not only inexpensive, but it is delicious and diet friendly as well, which isn’t often found — especially in the food truck circuit. Big fan.

*In the event you haven’t heard me speak in the past six months, I adhere to Weight Watchers’ dietary guidelines. Therefore I can still eat all the delicious foods I once could, just in moderation.

**I am one of the most particular people on the planet. About everything. And for [what I think is] good reason.


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  1. amandahuster1 says:

    I was searching Cincinnati on tags and so glad I ran across your blog. Love seeing all the things to do here!

    1. Pop Culture Broad says:

      This is way delayed, but I am just seeing these comments for some reason. Thank you so much for reading!

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