Week 32 — The Anchor-OTR

The Anchor is one of those places I’d been wanting to try for a very, very long time, but BK and I considered it a Special Occasion Restaurant, and never really had the opportunity to go. A friend’s birthday seemed the perfect reason to finally indulge in one of Cincinnati’s few seafood and oyster joints, and I thought it was perfect that I could try it for cheaper than the two of us going, and I could report back just what I thought.

There was a pretty large group of us—at around a dozen girls, we were comfortably seated on the outdoor patio, which was absolutely my favorite part of the occasion. I was pleasantly surprised that The Anchor could so comfortably accommodate a dozen patrons, and the patio was wonderful, charming, and the weather on that particular night was perfect. The outdoor seating time frame in Cincinnati is quite small, seeing as the weather goes from freezing to sweltering heat in a mere two weeks, so any time we aren’t experiencing stifling and oppressive heat in the summer, sit outside!

I digress.

View from our spot on the patio
View from our spot on the patio

We went to The Anchor on a Thursday, which was $1 oyster and $1 PBR night. I tried a couple of oysters, which were okay, and I also decided to try an oven roasted oyster with hollandaise. The latter had me at “hollandaise,” which I love, but I was underwhelmed by the overall taste. Our server, while informing us of the specials, mentioned the lobster roll, which I’d heard great things about and really wanted to try. After I ordered it, I learned that thing was $29. I felt tacky reversing my decision at that point, so I swallowed my shock and disappointment and tried to make the best of it. I loved the bun on which the lobster salad was served, while the lobster salad itself was a little too much for me: very rich in flavor that, I’m sure, is better suited for other people, but I wasn’t too fond of it personally. The fries were really, really good, though.

Oven Roasted Oyster with Hollandaise and Chesapeake Bay Oysters
Oven Roasted Oyster with Hollandaise and Chesapeake Bay Oysters
Lobster Roll and Fries
Lobster Roll and Fries

My overall opinon of The Anchor: I loved the patio and atmosphere. I am thankful I got to try the oysters for inexpensive, but will happily forego getting them in the future. I also will not spend $29 on a sandwich there (or anywhere) ever again. The cost of my meal, while the taste was decent enough, was not worth it, in my opinion, and if I find myself back at The Anchor again, I will get something else (most likely fish and chips)—something much cheaper, because spending nearly $50 on just myself for two $1 oysters, a roasted oyster, lobster roll, fries, ice water, and a tip is a little bit too much for me. I still have buyer’s remorse, which isn’t the linger factor I was looking for.

I didn’t love my meal during my first tryst with The Anchor, but I’d happily try something else in the future.


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  1. amandahuster1 says:

    oh I love that place!

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