Save Our Icons

Save Our Icons

I don’t typically so staunchly and publicly touch on these kinds of subjects, but I feel very, very passionately about this one in particular, and feel that it is my duty as a proud Cincinnatian to address it.

Music Hall and Union Terminal are not only beautiful subjects for fantastic photographs, they serve as icons of the uniquely crafted architecture for which our city has become so well known. They serve as gathering places to meet with friends and loved ones. They serve as backdrops for (and even hosts to) music festivals, public events, urban flea markets, Crafty Supermarkets, fireworks displays, live bands and concerts, kickball games, marriage proposals, wedding celebrations, and LumenoCity. Most importantly, they serve as educational venues—Music Hall as a flagship of our vibrant and imperative musical arts community, while Union Terminal more explicitly educates its visitors by way of the Natural History Museum, Cincinnati History Museum, Children’s Museum, and OMNIMAX Theater (among many others).

LumenoCity, in its second installment, experienced a 12-minute ticket sellout, and brought more than 40,000 onlookers (even more than the whopping 35,000 who came over two nights in August 2013) to Washington Park and the surrounding areas for three consecutive nights to witness the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra perform a live concert set to an intricate light show projected onto the façade of Cincinnati’s famed Music Hall, the historic Venetian Gothic landmark. This extravagant and expansive event is just one of many examples why Saving Our Icons should be paramount to our community.

To not want to Save Our Icons is shameful and a detriment to the betterment of our city and our county, which all of its citizens should want to see thrive.


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