Week 33 — Dairy Corner

Cincinnati doesn’t have a shortage of ice cream parlors, but considering I’m often in Oakley, BK and I had a bit more trouble finding a creamy whip to try out near his place. Thanks to a friend’s Yelp check-in and having seen it mentioned by another friend previously on Twitter, we decided to give Dairy Corner a try, a soft-serve creamy whip at the intersection of Route 32 and Church Street in Newtown. (Located just across the street from Main Street Café, where Zips-like burgers are served and would be a great precursor to Dairy Corner for dessert.)

Located a mere 10 minutes from BK’s place in Oakley, Dairy Corner proved to be the closest option to satiate our need for the summertime staple of a chocolate and vanilla twist cake cone—mine with chocolate sprinkles and his with rainbow (weirdo). Coming in around a measly $4.50, it wasn’t only convenient and delicious, but it was inexpensive, too. My theory about ice cream is this: if you can’t master the basics, what are you good for, really? Dairy Corner did it really well, too. I will certainly be back.

Buyers beware, though, as Dairy Corner only accepts cash.


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