Week 34 – Cloud 9

My two best friends from high school and I wanted to meet for sushi on a Friday night. Given I walked up to Dancing Wasabi and saw a sign that read it was closed [indefinitely], we had to think on our feet: where could we go to satisfy our wanting sushi but for half price and with Sunday Morning rolls?

Cloud 9 it was.

Cloud 9 Sushi

Mt. Lookout isn’t my favorite since the parking situation isn’t ever ideal, but it is well worth the hassle once in a while, and Cloud 9 proved to be one of those worthy restaurants (see also: Zip’s Café). Located in the former and original Dancing Wasabi location, Cloud 9 featured a similar menu with some new takes and variations on half price sushi. We decided to start with Shrimp Shumai, and we each opted for three sushi rolls to succeed our appetizer. We were all impressed with what we went with, and my personal favorites were the Sunday Morning roll (of course), Crunch Munch, and Bengals roll, which one of my friends got and let me try, and I will definitely get in the future.

Now with Dancing Wasabi closed, I’m happy to have Cloud 9 as a deliciously reasonable option. Big fan.


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