Follow Friday…

Tour de Cincinnati on Twitter

…except my recommendation for who you should follow is, in fact, a request that you follow Tour de Cincinnati on Twitter. I know that’s not really how that is supposed to work, but work with me here.

What better way to engage, interact, and share information with fellow Cincinnati lovers than on Tour de Cincinnati’s brand new Twitter page, which will detail everything great about The Queen City, including its food, architecture, and various goings-on around town?

Have questions about where to eat this weekend? What place(s) someone might recommend for your anniversary? Or what about where you might find the best local beer? A non-restaurant that is a must visit? What about a free event taking place you would like to check out? If you’re like me and often have a hankering for French fries, here’s your chance to inquire for opinions about who in Cincinnati does them best. I look forward to interacting with my fellow Cincinnati lovers about recommendations they have, too!

You can also like the page on Facebook and follow Tour de Cincinnati on Instagram.


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