Week 41 – Fireside Pizza

Rounding out some of the awesome restaurants in the Walnut Hills area (my new neighborhood), Fireside Pizza Wagon, the mobile “brick-oven-on-wheels” pizza eatery often seen around town, recently transformed the city’s oldest firehouse and opened a “brick and mortar” establishment in its place. Therefore, Swarles, BK, and two friends met for dinner here to try it out for Stop 3 of Tour de Pizzannati.

Fireside features salads, a decent list of specialty wood-fired pies, customize-your-own pizza options, good beer on tap, and order-at-the-counter and seat-yourself service. The menu, however, ends there. Unlike the first two places we’ve been, there was not a breadstick option. Rest assured that was the only downside in our experience at Fireside.

Parking was not at all a problem, as there was a pretty large lot adjacent to (and across the street from) the restaurant. If that should ever fill up, street parking was also available. I personally love counter service and enjoyed that aspect as well.

Grand Opening celebration of Fireside Pizza in Cincinnati's oldest firehouse.
Grand Opening celebration of Fireside Pizza in Cincinnati’s oldest firehouse.
Fireside's chalkboard menu.
Fireside’s chalkboard menu.
Caesar salad.
Caesar salad.
Cheese pizza (front) and Redlegger pizza (rear).
Cheese pizza (front) and Redlegger pizza (rear).


On to the official scoring:

Cheese (How much and how delicious?) – 4/5
Very good, but not quite enough. There were “bare” spots on the pizza that exposed the sauce, but the mozzarella/provolone mix was pretty great. Must get extra cheese next time.

Sauce (How much and how did it taste) – 3.8/5
There was a little more than I’d like, but I generally liked it. I know to get light sauce next time.

Crust (Style of crust and texture) – 4.8/5
New York-style pizza, which was on the thin side of hand-tossed. Crust was crispy and delicious—just how I like it.

Overall Flavor (How did it all come together?) – 4.8/5
The pizza was great. Loved the cheese and crust especially.

Temperature (How was the pizza cooked?) – 4/5
I love my pizza just cooked enough; cheese with little to no brown. Our cheese pizza was cooked a little more than I typically like, but that didn’t detract from the overall flavor.

Ranch (This won’t break a place, but it could very well make one.)
The ranch was amazing. Seriously. So good. I’ll take all of it.

Other (Notes go here.)
We also got the Redlegger Pizza, which featured red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, red onion, and roasted red peppers. It was also very good.


Best of Cheese Pizzannati ranking thus far:
1) Fireside (21.4)
2) Red Rose (21)
3) Adriatico’s (16.3)


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