Week 42 – Stone Bowl

We love Asian food and we eat it often. Stone Bowl, situated across from Crossroads Megachurch in Oakley, is in one of those hit-or-miss locations. From what I understand, the owners are hoping to reap the benefits of taking up residence across from the new Oakley Station development despite the past handful of years witnessing a string of failed eateries in the same location. The good news is that there are seemingly always cars out front, so I’m happy to report that they are getting steady business. That is a great sign for Stone Bowl, Cincinnati’s newest 1/2-price sushi and Korean restaurant.


Being pretty big fans of Bibimbap, we knew that trying out Stone Bowl was necessary. Therefore, as soon as we had a free weekend date night to check it out, we went. We started with pan-fried potstickers, and tried out a couple of sushi rolls before our main course in beef bibimbap.

In addition to the good food, I also really liked the interior. With my former favorite half-price-sushi joint now defunct (RIP, Dancing Wasabi), Stone Bowl is the perfect consolation prize for good, reasonably-priced food, in a nicely designed space.

We will be back.


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