Week 43 – Coffee Emporium

My coffee “expertise” goes a little something like this: the more creamer, the better.

That being said, it’s easy to draw the conclusion that maybe I’m not the most discerning coffee drinker. Or even at all knowledgeable. But I know what I like and what I don’t like, and I love me some Coffee Emporium.

My first tryst with this Cincinnati institution happened at Yelp’s Summer Bucket List Bash this past summer, when I was fortunate to try the life-changing Glacial Mocha. It was truly monumental in my coffee(ish) drinking experience, and it has opened my eyes to all the possibilities that Coffee Emporium provides to its lucky patrons. BK is a coffee guy through and through, so I think he’s really enjoyed taken advantage of my new found love for a coffeehouse. I mean, I make the trek around the corner to Coffee Emporium for a bagel, Glacial Mocha, muffin, and mocha to fuel up for early morning soccer at Rhinehaus every weekend; of course he’s a fan. (The East Hyde Park location is almost as awesome.)

They got it right the first time!
They got it right the first time!

And, to think, they even spelled my name right one time. I can imagine the inner-monologue going on in the barista’s head like this:
“Linsey. L-I-N-S-E-Y. Wait, what kind of moron would spell her name that way? I’ll get it right the second time.” Ah, well. You had it right the first time.

Coffee Emporium is so much more than just coffee, and that is why I love it. But don’t be fooled: it does that well, too.


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