Week 44 – Deep India

Located on McMillan Street, Deep India is another Indian restaurant that makes up Clifton’s notorious conglomerate of North Indian restaurants; another Indian restaurant BK and I thought necessary to try, especially as we have recently made eating Indian food on Sunday nights a sort of tradition.

Deep India’s setup is perfect for ordering carry-out, as its no-frills interior — truly no frills, as everyone but a few people seated when I went appeared to be waiting for carryout orders — lends itself to doing just that. And seeing as the parking situation isn’t ideal, the setup is also great for being dropped off out front, then being picked up the same upon getting and paying for our food.

shahi paneer (front); chicken tikka masala (back)
Shahi paneer (front); chicken tikka masala (back)

BK got his standard Chicken Tikka Misala, which he seemed to really like, I got my new favorite dish, Shahi Paneer, and we got garlic naan, which is a staple across the board. I recently got Shahi Paneer from Delhi Palace, a new Indian restaurant in town, and fell in love. Delhi Palace truly does it the best, so maybe I should only get it there and continue getting my staple dish (Paneer Makhani) everywhere else. Everywhere else, it just doesn’t quite compare.

To be fair, as with most to-go food, it isn’t quite as good and fresh as eating it inside the restaurant. So, while Deep India does to-go well, I think Indian food is best suited to eat it fresh and in the restaurant from where you get it. If and when we find ourselves jonesing for to-go Indian, Deep India is certainly an option, but I would love to try eating it in instead.


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