Midweek Must Mention – Liberty’s Bar and Bottle

We recently met up with some friends who live near Liberty’s Bar and Bottle, one of Cincinnati’s newest drinkeries that opened its doors not quite two months ago. Before the weather broke for the colder, we were there one day that was sunny and still pretty warm. Therefore, the front windows of the place were open, which made for a really great atmosphere and experience.

We parked a few blocks away on Main Street downtown, as the parking situation isn’t what you’d call ideal. But the trek was worth the opportunity to see Liberty’s, its new space, hang out with friends, and get a couple of drinks in the process.

Liberty's Bar and Bottle
Liberty’s Bar and Bottle
Liberty's Bar and Bottle
Liberty’s Bar and Bottle

I got Cava (a champagne-like Spanish sparkling wine) followed by a pumpkin beer, while BK, of course, got a couple of decent beers he ordered of the chalkboard menu. The taps are often rotating, so the menu changes frequently. Liberty’s also sells beer by the bottle, which BK really liked, too.

We really liked this place and, if the parking situation was a bit better, we’d go back more, but we’ll go back regardless.


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