Weeks 47 – 52

I know this is a pretty cheap way to summarize what I’ve not yet written about to end the year, but I’m sure you can all agree that the holidays have been pretty crazy busy. Not to mention that I started a new job in addition to my full-time job, which has decreased my free time exponentially in the past month. I should also mention that I have a mere 11 hours to complete all 52 posts. I’ll keep this summary short[er] since I can be verbose, so here we go:

Week 47 – Betta’s Italian Oven
BK and I ate at Betta’s, a place I’d been wanting to try for a long time, before a Xavier game, to which we got season tickets this year. Betta’s was pretty awesome. I loved the place and atmosphere, and thought the food was pretty good, even if our service wasn’t amazing. I will definitely be back.

Week 48 – Delicio Coal Fired Pizza
Delicio was stop #5 on Tour de Pizzannati. I liked it. The wings were amazing, and the pizza was good. Not amazing, but good. Pizza is like French fries to me. Or ice cream. Or money: regardless, I’ll take it, but there is certainly a spectrum.

Pizza places ranked (in order):
1) Strong’s
2) Fireside Pizza
3) Red Rose
4) Adriatico’s
5) Delicio

Week 49 – Listermann Brewing
I’d never been to Listermann’s tap room until recently, where we pre-gamed before a Xavier game (it is directly across the street from Cintas on Dana Avenue). With only recently becoming more of a “beer drinker” (still a stretch), I have a new found respect for Listermann and its many amazing beers. Also, I love that they have a pre-game with either Renegade Food Truck or Fireside Pizza Wagon before Xavier home games. Big fan.

Week 50 – Otto’s
Craving a new place for brunch, BK and I headed to Otto’s in Mainstrasse, where I ordered biscuits and gravy (topped with house ground chicken sausage gravy with poached eggs) and a potato cake, while he got the crab hash (lump crab and potato hash, topped with poached eggs and a spicy sour cream sauce) and house-made goetta. Brunch was quickly served as we sat at the bar, and we both loved what we got. Especially the potato cake.

Week 51 – Nest
Beware that Nest’s hours online (and on Yelp) are incorrect. Thinking I had until 7pm a few days before the holiday, I arrived at 6:45pm to a dark building. We left pretty peeved, but still came back the next chance we had to check out what I’d heard to be a great selection of gift options. On the lookout for Cincinnati-related ornaments (seriously, nowhere around here has them, except one vendor at Crafty Supermarket), I didn’t find what I set out to, but still saw a number of good gift ideas for the future. Pretty friendly service, too. I will likely be back.

Week 52 – Brij Mohan
Having heard a number of outstanding things about this vegetarian North Indian restaurant, BK and I finally had the opportunity to try it since we were in the area (doesn’t happen often). The “vegetarian” categorization didn’t faze me, as I eat paneer (cheese) dishes anyway. I was more concerned for BK, though, except I got this message earlier today: “Just had [Brij Mohan leftovers for] lunch. That place was realllllly good.” We both agreed the naan was exceptional, too. We both cannot wait to go back to try more from the menu (especially the apps and sweets). Brij Mohan is absolutely one of our new favorites.

Happy New Year, everyone! Be safe and set out to see and eat all the great things in 2015!


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