After wracking my brain about what 2015’s theme could be for the blog, a friend came to me and proposed an idea that is “as much for me as it is you.”

I’ve been on a year-long journey with Weight Watchers (which, in all actuality, will be an ongoing lifestyle for me for the rest of my life) and, with using the same kind of format for the past two years, I decided it’s about time to take a different direction — a direction that doesn’t necessarily focus on food, but instead things to do around the city that don’t require the same amount of calories: places like museums, musical/theatre performances, parks, the arts, as well as “good” dining and food-related options.*

Thankfully, Blogmate for 2015 just “requires a footnote and companionship.” But thanks to her, I now have a Calories Sold Separately theme for 2015 that will coincide with a similar format followed in years past, because “You CAN get food or beer, but it isn’t the only reason you’re there.”

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you enjoy my new journey as much as I do!

*Disclaimer: because of cost and other factors, I may not necessarily get to each of these on a weekly basis. Instead, I will simply highlight a new subject each week.


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