Pizzannati Stop #6 – Goodfellas Pizzeria

In January, our “pizza club” decided to make Goodfellas the sixth stop on the Tour de Pizzannati.

Goodfellas had recently opened a pizzeria in Over-the-Rhine and, while I liked the original location in Mainstrasse, the new OTR eatery — on what can probably be considered Pizza Block (see also: Lucy Blue and Cincy by the Slice) — blew it out of the water.

I am such a huge proponent for counter service at restaurants and Goodfellas OTR did it so well. The interior was fantastic and there was subway tile (my favorite!) everywhere on the first floor. There was seating by the counter where you order, but there was also seating upstairs, where there was a fantastic bar with TVs. There aren’t many great, trendy drinkeries that feature TVs without feeling like an all-out sports bar, but Goodfellas really dids it right. The ceilings were hugely tall and the space was wonderful. I can’t wait to watch some football there in the fall.

So maybe I should talk about the food, huh.

Cheese (How much and how delicious?)
– 4/5
Very good and pretty plentiful.

Sauce (How much and how did it taste?) – 4/5
Not too much, really. Just right.

Crust (Style of crust and texture.)
– 5/5
New York-style pizza, which was on the thin side of hand-tossed. Crust was crispy and delicious — just how I like it.

Overall Flavor (How did it all come together?) – 4.8/5
The pizza was great. Loved the cheese and crust and that the slices were as big as my head.

Temperature (How was the pizza cooked?) – 4/5
I love my pizza cooked just enough; cheese with little to no brown. Our cheese pizza was cooked a little more than I typically like, but that didn’t detract from the overall flavor.

Ranch (This won’t break a place, but it could very well make one.)
The ranch was pretty good. A great addition to the pizza and breadsticks.

Other (Notes go here.)
We got entirely too much food the first time we went, but we got to try a lot — including the cheesesticks, which were gluttonous but awesome. The second time I had Goodfellas, I got a slice of pizza, a breadstick (had both with ranch, don’t be silly), and a drink for cheap for their lunch combo. On a Sunday.


Goodfellas is the perfect marriage of great, reasonably-priced food (a lunch combination of a slice of large pizza, breadstick or side, and a drink is $6 from 11am to 4pm seven days a week); laid back atmosphere; libations; and TVs should you so choose to watch any variation of sports that may be on. Plus, the pizza is as big as my head and the breadsticks are as long as my arm, so total win. I absolutely love this place.

BK’s Finale Take: “It was good … the breadsticks were probably better than the pizza.”


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