Taft’s Ale House

About a week ago I asked BK if we could go on a date soon. We spend a decent amount of time together. We get some kind of meal together at least a couple of times a week. Heck, we live together. But there is something truly great about sharing uninterrupted time with the undisputed Greatest Person on Earth™.

So that we did.

I was given the choice between an Indian restaurant (our usual Sunday night tradition), going to get a cheeseburger, or finally checking out Taft’s Ale House and, even though it wasn’t an easy decision, we decided on the latter.

We parked at Washington Park, just a couple blocks south of Taft’s, which I’d seen plenty of pictures of and had heard rave reviews about both the beer and the food. When we walked in, I was taken aback by how beautiful the space was. No amount of pictures could ever prepare me for or glorify that kind of beauty, even if I’d seen a hundred photos that preceded our date. We were seated at a communal table and, aside from awkward gawking (by me) at the girl’s food next to me, there wasn’t much interaction between strangers. Truth be told, I don’t mind communal tables. In fact, I kind of enjoy them.

I digress.

Flight featuring all ten beers

Border sandwichBacon Cheddar
With ten beers on tap, we decided on getting two flights to split between us. From top to bottom and bottom to top, all of the beers were solid. My favorites were the First Pitch (American Pale Ale), Maverick Chocolate Porter (made with fresh Maverick chocolate from Findlay Market), Gavel Banger IPA (yes, I liked an IPA), Nellie’s Keylime Caribbean Ale, and Cherrywood Amber. It is so difficult for a brewery to have a solid lineup of ten beers on tap, but to jump out of the gates with that kind of varied arsenal is even more impressive. And the food was pretty good, too. The menu had me at tots, which I got on the side of my Border sandwich (thinly sliced tri-tip steak, melted pepper jack, and chipotle sauce), and BK got on the side of his Bacon Cheddar sandwich (thinly sliced tri-tip steak, Applewood smoked bacon, melted cheddar, and red ranch sauce). My sandwich was good, but I think BK’s was even better. I should also mention the condiments were also great (they have a house-made “red ranch” sauce and I really liked their standard ranch, too).

The beer was really inexpensive, the food was good (even if not particularly cheap in comparison to the beer), the service was great, and the space was unbelievable. Dare I say this is one of the most beautiful spaces in the city, and certainly the most beautiful restaurant? I will absolutely be back.

BK’s Final Take: “The beers and tri-tip steak sandwiches were both great. Taft’s is easily one of the best places to spend a couple of hours in OTR.”


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