Preview: The Woodburn Brewery and Taproom

It’s been a long time coming, but The Woodburn Brewery and Taproom is really coming to life.


facadeIMG_0282 IMG_0278 IMG_0276 IMG_0253 IMG_0249 FullSizeRender

The space may only be in its preliminary demo stages, but it’s already amazing. The bones of this building are fantastic and I am incredibly anxious to see the finished product. Here’s what to expect:

  • At least 10 beers on tap at all times.
  • Not so sure about the food situation, but plenty of places around have it and food trucks are an option.
  • A proposed September-ish opening, so four months until we get to fully enjoy this place.

Living and working in this neighborhood have afforded me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful new people, including The Woodburn’s founder and “beer guru.” There is a true sense of community in the Walnut Hillses, and that was especially evident in this weekend’s sign raising and preview party celebrations for The Woodburn Brewery and Taproom. I’m very happy for my friend, but I am also happy to know that our community celebrates these victories together. (Also: beer.)

BK’s final take: “I can’t wait for The Woodburn to open and bring even more to our neighborhood.”

Follow The Woodburn on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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