Weekend Update

This weekend was a heavy hitter, and it included a lot of go, go, go and an out-of-town visitor (among many other things). Fortunately for us (but not so much my waistline), our weekend eating started on Thursday as, after my haircut at Babylon the Salon, I order takeout for BK and me from Thai Express*.

Friday evening was pretty jam packed, seeing as I picked up my guest from the airport at 4:30pm and, from there, we stopped by Cafe DeSales for a light dinner before the Little Kings Mile and after party (that included a wedding!) which kicked off Flying Pig Weekend. We decided to take our guest to check out The Growler House, where we had a beer before ordering another small meal from Suzie Wong’s that we picked up on our walk home.

IMG_0159 IMG_0175IMG_0169

In order to avoid long waits for breakfast/brunch on the weekends, it is necessary to get up and going as early as possible. Thankfully I’m 30 now, which means I was up and ready to move by 8:30am. We first headed to Taste of Belgium where our guest was especially complimentary of the space itself, but also the food (it’s our favorite, so of course we loved it). We had about a 10-minute wait, so we made the short walk to Washington Park to show it off to our Clevelander friend. After ToB, we went in HOMAGE, where we all found at least one thing we liked. (And, in my case, I found three, but I’m not made of money, so there were some tough decisions made.) BK and I were jonesing for Coffee Emporium, so we quickly stopped by to grab a couple of drinks, where our guest was also complimentary of how great CE was. If i didn’t know any better, I’d say she really enjoyed her quick jaunt in the city with us.

IMG_0183 IMG_0182

I digress.

The Clay Alliance Spring Pottery Fair took place on Saturday on Woodburn, as it was a really eventful and exciting weekend for our neighborhood. Our guest was spending the night with us, as she and I went to college together and were going to a friend’s baby shower on Saturday, so we stopped by The Spotted Goose on our way, where I — of course — found a wonderful onesie for our friend’s little one.


While we initially thought Saturday night would be a relaxing one, it was not. We instead spent some time at Ei8ht Ball Brewing where we got flights, followed by The Party Source, Strong’s Brick Oven Pizza, Flashback’s, and ended the night at the newly-opened Braxton Brewing* for more flights.

ei8htball IMG_0233

Sunday morning meant Flying Pig festivities, as The Growler House opened at 6:30am with food, beermosas, and bloody marys. The Woodburn Brewery and Taproom* was previewing its space and some beer to passersby for the occasion, too. Even better, they had complimentary Fireside Pizza Wagon goods posted up outside of their new space. After hanging out there for a while, we took our breakfast pizza back to The Growler House, where we sat on the patio with a beer and enjoyed the neighborhood just the two of us.

IMG_0272 IMG_0279

And, in typical us fashion, we ended our great weekend by ordering takeout — this time beef bibimbap and crab rangoon from Suzie Wong’s, one of our favorite Asian restaurants in the city.

On top of all the great things we got to do this weekend, much of it was done by walking. One of the biggest reasons we decided to live in this neighborhood is because it is so walkable. This weekend was one of those times that really proved just how much.

Our city is so special. So alive. So electric; especially on weekends like Flying Pig Weekend, and especially when the weather is as intoxicating as it has been. I often have to take a step back to revel in how much I love this place and the people I’m lucky to share it with.

BK’s final take: “There isn’t a better way to spend a nice [Sunday] in our neighborhood.”

Thinking there is nothing to do in this city is more of a reflection of your inability to get out and do things than it is a reflection of what there actually is to do here. How do you like spending your weekends around town?

*More on this in a later post.


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