Braxton Brewing Company

I’ve now been to Braxton Brewing Company a couple of times and I absolutely love the space. The garage-like setting is pretty large for a tap room, so there is plenty of seating. They also have food delivered by five different vendors nearby (including Four Seasons catering, LaRosa’s, Rima D’s, Backstage, and The Gruff Pizzeria and Delicatessen), so if you ever want food with your beer, they’ve got that covered.

I also really love how interactive Braxton is on social media. They have screens up that show Instagram posts, tweets, and Yelp reviews on loop. It is extremely important to engage your audience, and I think they’ve mastered this marketing tactic. (Their official hashtag is #liftonetolife.)

As far as the beer is concerned, it’s good. Not the best around, but I like it. Both times I’ve been, I’ve gotten a flight with Storm (Cream Ale), Sparky (American Wheat Pale Ale), Crank Shaft (American IPA), and Dead Blow (Stout). My personal favorites are Sparky and Dead Blow. They also feature guest taps and the flights are extremely reasonable.

The beer is good and inexpensive, there are food options nearby, plenty of parking, and the space is great. If you haven’t yet been to Braxton, check it out.

BK’s final take: nearly what I had to say about the place verbatim.


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