Bamboo Kitchen

If you’ve been reading for a while or if you know me at all personally, you’ve heard me rave about my favorite Thai restaurant, Mekong Thai Cuisine. You’d also know a little piece of me died when Mekong closed last year. It devastated me so entirely that I shed an actual tear. My favorite dish in the history of everdom was to never be had again. The horror!

A couple of months ago, after having heard rumors of a new restaurant — “Mekong 2.0” — opening in a new location on Kenwood Road, we stumbled on the Mecca that is Bamboo Kitchen. The menu looked to be similar on Yelp, and it was confirmed when we walked in and everything was nearly the same (menu items, menu, and even most workers); just with a new name. And with a liquor license, pho, banh mi, and a nicer seating area (albeit pretty small)!

Our first visit to Bamboo Kitchen was packed, so we got our order to go. (I was so happy to see it packed because I never saw Mekong like that and I want Bamboo Kitchen to thrive forever.) The food was exactly the same and my Thai garlic chicken (no veggies; 1.5/3 spice level) and veggie roll were just as amazing as I remembered.

On my second trip back I also got our order to go, and the now owner (former worker at Mekong) greeted me by saying, “I saw your order and knew it was you! I was hoping you’d found us!” followed by the story of Mekong’s demise and how Bamboo Kitchen came to life in its wake. The poor people in line behind me had to have heard me in hysterics while catching up with one of my favorite workers who obviously remembered me and valued me as a customer.

I am happy to say that, since I rediscovered Bamboo Kitchen, I have reclaimed my Dukedom on Yelp and my “mayorship” on Swarm. And I still can’t get enough. Man, I missed that place, but I am so unbelievably happy Bamboo Kitchen is alive and well — and for what I hope is a long, long, long, long time to come.


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