Wurst Bar in the Square

I’d been wanting to try Wurst Bar for a long, long time, but seeing as it was one of the lesser diet-friendly eateries I’d been wanting to try, it kept getting put on the backburner. BK, being the second-generation American that he is, loves German everything. It was becoming very necessary we check this place out.

Mt. Lookout, as far as parking is concerned, is one of my least favorite neighborhoods in the city (right up there with Mt. Adams; maybe even worse). But seeing as I got home early-ish from work, and we are the grandparents we are (at least as far as what time we eat dinner), we found street parking around 6pm and a table big enough for three in the back of the tiny place. (Be careful with happy hour-goers, as they take up a ton of space in the not-so-big restaurant.)

The Wurst

We decided to start off with Flying Pigs in a Blanket because pretzels, beer cheese, and carbs: what’s not to love about this German fare? The pretzels and wrapped sausages were great and we loved the accompanying condiments. For my meal, I decided on the U-Betta Goetta (goetta link with diced hash browns, maple bacon gravy, and topped with a poached egg), which I still talk about. It was awesome. I’m not usually one for a ton of flavors in one meal, but it all worked so well together. BK and I split asiago truffle fries, which were fine, but they weren’t much to write home about.

Wurst Bar was really good and so was our service. I liked the place, even if it was small. I’d love to go back and try the burger, although I’d be happy to have the U-Betta Goetta again.


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