Pontiac BBQ


This past weekend, BK and I wanted to try somewhere new [to us] after the Pride Parade, so we walked eight blocks north to finally give Pontiac BBQ its time. We were initially seated at the bar, where we each had a beer (Blank Slate RYEsing Up for me; Phin & Matt’s Extraordinary Ale for BK) and Pulled Pork, Nacho Cheese Poutine before we had another friend join us and we moved to the communal table up front.

At our second location, we got more beer (Founders Curmudgeon for me and Friend; Leffe Blonde for BK), BK and I split the Brisket Burrito (salsa on the side), Friend got the half order of Brisket, and we all split fries. Which brings me back to my favorite three things among an all-around great experience at Pontiac:

  • Ranch Dressing. This house-made delicacy was ON FLEEK, and you know how I like my ranch. And how infrequently I use that word.
  • Pulled Pork, Nacho Cheese Poutine. While a little salty, this stuff was awesome. Forgot to 86 the jalapenos, but at least we know for next time (and they were easy to pick off). Made with crinkle fries!
  • The service. Huge fan of our server and his general zeal for ranch dressing.

I’ve never been a big barbeque person (I swear, I’m coming around), but I really liked Pontiac and will absolutely be back.

BK’s Final Take: The barbeque was really good. The fries were a bit too salty, but the poutine was good.


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