Favorite Five: French Fried Potatoes


I have a problem and it’s that I don’t take near enough pictures of my fried potatoes. Anyway, from top to bottom: my favorite fried potato dish, Poutine from Senate; Belgian Frites, served with chipotle aioli that I could funnel, from Taste of Belgium; Tachos (forgot to 86 the jalapeños) from Nation.

Senate Pub, OTR

Cheese-Topped (and Ranch-Accompanied)

  1. Nina Style Rags/Cheese Fries (Steak Nina, Springfield Twp.)
  2. Ranch Fries (Bacall’s, College Hill)
  3. Roadhouse Skins (Silver Spring House, Symmes Twp.)
  4. Rag Fries (Habits Cafe, Oakley)
  5. Gravy Cheese Fries (Pleasant Ridge Chili, Pleasant Ridge)

French Fries (this gets its own list)

  1. Truffle Fries (Senate Pub, OTR)
  2. Belgian Frites (Taste of Belgium, OTR)
  3. Grippos Fries (The Rookwood, Mt. Adams)
  4. Truffle Fries (BrewRiver GastroPub, Walnut Hills)
  5. Fresh-Cut (Terry’s Turf Club, East End)

Saratoga Chips
Steak Nina, Springfield Twp.

Tater Tots (this also gets its own list)

  1. Tachos (Nation, Pendleton)
  2. Sweet Potato Tots (Nation, Pendleton)
  3. Tater Tot Poutine (Revolution Rotisserie, OTR)
  4. Standard (MOTR and Taft’s Ale House, OTR)
  5. Cheese Tots (Adriatico’s, Clifton)

Honorable Mention: Pulled Pork, Nacho Cheese Poutine (Pontiac BBQ, OTR), Truffle Fries (The Rookwood, Mt. Adams); Spicy Honey Glaze Fries (Mardi Gras on Madison, East Walnut Hills); Sweet Potato Fries (Habits Cafe, Oakley); Loaded Tots (Nation, Pendleton)


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