Weekend Recap: No Plans Edition

A weekend without an itinerary is hard to come by in these parts, so it’s always fun and interesting to see where a weekend of spontaneity can take us in this great city we are lucky to call home.

Top (left to right): Kevin Bacon Ranch Fries from Hungry Bros. food truck and crowd at The Woodburn during Walk on Woodburn. Bottom (beers from left to right): DogBerry Great 8 imperial red ale, Christian Moerlein Cherry Blonde (Belgian), Fifty West Tastee Whip (ice cream ale), and Victory Summer Love (golden ale) from The Growler House.

We knew we wanted to check out Walk on Woodburn on Friday night, where we started with a beer at The Growler House before heading to The Woodburn Brewery and Taproom, where seemingly everyone Walking on Woodburn found solace in refuge from the rainy weather. Solace in addition to live music; The Woodburn and Fifty West beer; and food by way of Renegade Street Eats, from where we got six teriyaki wings (some of the best wings in the city) and a Sausage Burger. At some point after doing a ton of fraternizing with and meeting so many people from our neighborhood, BK — the man of few words —looked at me and said, “I love our neighborhood … everyone loves drinking beer, talking, and having fun.” Yup.

But our Friday night didn’t end there. We made the impulse decision to head to Volkfest (“the People’s Festival” in German), a beer festival hosted by Listermann Brewing, which featured food trucks (we got the Kevin Bacon Fries from Hungry Bros.), a rotating list of at least 16 beers on tap from a handful of breweries, and live German music. When we finally ran out of our $2 beer sample tickets, we hopped in an Uber to head back to East Walnut Hills, where we met up with a couple of friends at The Growler House before having a beer and calling it quits for the night.

Left to right, top to bottom: family photo with the Washington Park All-Star Game mustache statue; Franklin posing in front of the Washington Park entrance to City Flea; a crowd shot of City Flea with Music Hall as the backdrop; Sourdough French Toast Sticks from Wake and Bake Breakfast and Vladimir Poutine from Hungry Bros.

Saturday morning we woke up and headed to Washington Park, where we grabbed breakfast at City Flea (Vladimir Poutine from Hungry Bros. and Sourdough French Toast Sticks from Wake and Bake Breakfast), then headed to Washington Park Dog Park for Franklin to wear himself out play. We even tried getting a family photo, which was more hilarious than fruitful. 

Top to bottom: White Pie pizza with pepperoni from Fireside Pizza and sushi rolls from Cloud Nine.

Saturday evening, I was fortunate enough to sing with 20 other members of the YPCC SWAT Choir as a way to sort of “open” for the Don Pasquale performance at Music Hall. That was pretty awesome. I even got to see Don Pasquale, my first opera, following our concert. What a cool experience. It didn’t end until pretty late, so BK and I had to eat somewhere the kitchen was up and going at 11pm. Cloud Nine it was. And, as always, it was delicious (we got shrimp shumai to start, then Made in China, Phoenix, Cucumber Eel, Bengals, and —of course — Sunday Morning rolls).

The weekend felt complete to hang out around home all day, watching a movie and having Skyline and Graeter’s at different points during our lazy Sunday.

The weekend felt complete to hang out around home all day, watching a movie and having Skyline and Graeter’s at different points during our lazy Sunday. It was the most appropriate way to end the weekend.

Our city was so lively this weekend with the start of All-Star Game festivities. And since Saturday’s weather was the first day in weeks that was awesome, seemingly everyone was out enjoying it. I hope you did, too!


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