My First Opera

I’ve said it before, but living in Cincinnati — a comparatively smaller city — is something for which we should all be grateful, as it is one of only so many cities in the U.S. (last I read was 13) that features all five of the arts: museums, symphony, opera, ballet, and live performance. Cincinnati’s art scene is so robust and is there to be taken advantage of — whether it’s by way of checking out a Cincy Shakes, Know Theatre, or Playhouse in the Park performance; seeing the Pops Orchestra, Cincinnati Ballet, or Cincinnati Opera; or touring the American Sign Museum, Contemporary Arts Center, or the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. And that is only a handful of
hundreds of options in the Greater Cincinnati area.

I won’t pretend that I am some sort of expert and that I have the jurisdiction to review Don Pasquale, so instead I would like to advocate for the local arts scene and simply point out some highlights from my experience:

  • Music Hall is so unbelievably stunning and we are so fortunate to house that kind of architectural beauty in our city
  • The performance itself was funny and charming, and much easier to follow along than I previous believed (thanks to supertitles throughout)
  • All of the title characters were fantastic, but, Ji-Min Park, the tenor who played the role of Ernesto, really stood out

In fact, because the arts are so important and so expansive, I’ve decided to create a list that I will update regularly that details all of the options in our city for you to reference.


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