Now that the All-Star Game is over …

I can hear the question now: “But what is there to do in this city now that the All-Star Game festivities are over?!” Uh, everything?

Photos (left to right, top to bottom): Music Hall interior; Cincinnati skyline from Northern Kentucky at sunset; Poutine from Senate; food truck goodies during City Flea; John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge; Great American Ball Park at dusk; Alms Park pergola overlooking the Ohio River; Music Hall from Washington Park; Findlay Market architecture.

No city comes without its faults. Some are what people consider dirty; some experience higher crime rates; some display higher likeliness of police brutality; while others suffer from high unemployment rates and dipping economies. But even what many consider “bad” inherently makes up the fabric of the city with what makes it good. And Cincinnati has a lot of good going on. It shouldn’t be defined for merely what’s negative. I kept hearing how the city was “alive” and “buzzing” throughout the All-Star Game festivities. I don’t doubt it was — did you expect the Reds to put on anything less than an incredible event? (Mike Greenberg raved about it, too.) — but I feel that same buzz frequently. We don’t need to be in the national spotlight for our city to be alive. It’s alive every single day.

There are more than enough things to do in Cincinnati without All-Star Game festivities, so let’s keep the excitement alive today and going forward. Our small city is mighty; enjoys a robust arts scene; has professional (and semi-pro) sports teams across the region; keeps springing new breweries on us; is ranked tops in the U.S. for parks and recreation; is one of the most livable cities in the country; and features quite the food scene. And that’s without touching on all the ongoing events and festivals, Findlay Market, schooling, architecture, and expansive vistas of the rolling seven hills. Or the fact that it is in the top places to relocate, visit, spend your staycation, or start a business.

I’ve never been shy about why I love my great city — in fact, I wrote an entire post about it — but now that everyone else is in the know, it’s time we get back to our regularly scheduled awesome.


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