Week[plus] Recap

072915 recap

Photos (left to right, top to bottom): Zip’s Burgers and fries from Zip’s Cafe; drinking a Rhinegeist Hustle at Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club; breadsticks with cheese (with pizza sauce, garlic butter, and ranch dressing) at LaRosa’s; Franklin checking all the water out at Wags Park; beer from Rivertown (left to right: Lambic, Lil Sipa, and Blueberry Lager); Gyro Burger from Gabby’s Cafe; Goetta Burger from Slatts Pub; getting a tattoo at Handcraft Tattoo and Gallery; Santino Corleon performing at The Drinkery.

This isn’t a weekend recap so much as a recap of the past week+. I typically try my best to eat in and well during the workweek, and then let myself off the rails a bit financially and otherwise on the weekends, but I’ve flown off the rails a bit more over the past whole week. It was Cincinnati Burger Week (CBW) last week, so can you blame me?

Before CBW even started, BK and I enjoyed a nice Sunday evening dinner at Zip’s Cafe, one of our favorite burger places in the area. With regard to many types of food (pizza and ice cream included), I am of the belief that a restaurant must be able to master the basics (think plain cheeseburgers, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, and cheese pizza). That’s how I feel about Zip’s, and boy, have they mastered the basic cheeseburger.

In addition to Zip’s, my week in burgers included a trip to Slatts Pub for the Goetta Burger and a modified trip to Gabby’s Cafe. I say modified because, while I originally thought that they had their Gyro Burger on the CBW list, I learned that they only had their Black Bean Burger. We decided to go anyway, as it appears as #13 on this list, even though I didn’t technically satisfy a CBW requirement. A win all around.

But this past week has been more than just about burgers: I am currently attending a Girl Develop It – Cincinnati course; got to visit some great local shops in Corporate, Cincinnati’s premiere sneaker and clothing boutique, and Handcraft Tattoo and Gallery; bought cupcakes from Abby Girl Sweets for my dad’s birthday; had a beer at Rivertown Brewery; finally checked out the all-in-one pet amusement park that is Wags Park; ate dinner with friends at Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club; had a few beers at The Growler House; watched a friend perform at The Drinkery; tried brunch at The Rookwood; and finished the weekend with one of my local favorites: LaRosa’s.

This all happened despite having plans most of Saturday and Sunday. Further proof of how much there is to do in this city at all times. What have you done this past week?


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