Favorite Five: Burgers!

Favorite Five Burgers

Burgers (left to right, top to bottom): Senate Burger from Senate Pub; cheeseburger from Quatman Cafe; Zip’s Burger from Zip’s Cafe; burger from Renegade Street Eats; Streetcar Burger (BrewRiver GastroPub)

I am very passionate about cheeseburgers — of the gourmet persuasion and also basic cheeseburgers. It is rare for me to meet a cheeseburger I don’t like. Thankfully, around these parts, there are more than enough awesome ones. The conversations I’m currently having are a great reminder that I need to share the top five list of my favorites in the area.
[Disclaimer: I think most burgers around here are not only edible, but actually pretty good. These are simply ones that stand out above the rest in my opinion — of the burgers I’ve had so far, anyway. My journey is ongoing.]

  1. Senate Burger (Senate, OTR)
  2. The Gordo (Gordo’s Pub, Norwood)
  3. Barnsdale Burger (The Rookwood, Mt. Adams)
  4. Streetcar (or Natchez) (BrewRiver GastroPub, Walnut Hills)
  5. Zip’s Burger (Zip’s Cafe, Mt. Lookout)

Honorable Mention: Mini Madness and Boursin Burger (Arthur’s, Hyde Park), Burger Madness (Oakley Pub, Oakley), Cheeseburger (Silver Spring House, Symmes Twp.), Cheeseburger (Quatman Cafe, Norwood), Sausage Burger (Renegade Street Eats, food truck)

As I mentioned before, this is an ongoing journey for me. Thankfully I have this list to help me out. What are some of your favorite burgers?


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