Weekend Recap: the “I’m so ready for the streetcar” edition

Weekend Recap: streetcar edition

Photos (left to right, top to bottom): Glow and Emergency Hop Kit from Rhinegeist; Huit barbeque pork lettuce wrap at Pig and Whiskey Festival; frites from Taste of Belgium – Rookwood; gin cocktail with Steigl from Lachey’s; ranch from Pontiac; Franklin at Neon’s; burger from Quatman; Fireside pizza (and ranch) delivered to The Growler House; twist cone with chocolate sprinkles from Putz’s Creamy Whip

We don’t always make an entire day out of going from place to place (to place to place to place) in the city, but when we do, it’s a stark reminder of how useful the streetcar will be.

On Saturday we had plans to check out the Pig and Whiskey Festival at Horseshoe Casino (see: barbeque and bourbon) and, after a little while hanging out, trying some food, and listening to live music, we decided to make a day of it — “Saturday Funday” as BK called it. As we made our way up the streetcar line (while walking, unfortunately), we made stops for a drink at Lachey’s; a beer, poutine, and some of the city’s best ranch dressing from Pontiac; another beer at 16-Bit; followed by a couple of beers with a friend in from out of town at Rhinegeist. I’d never had anything from Velvet Smoke or Huit, and both dishes (brisket frito pie and barbeque pork lettuce wraps respectively) were awesome. Likewise, I’d never been to Lachey’s, where I got to try a gin cocktail with Stiegl radler, and where our bartender was pretty great. 16-Bit was also pretty cool — had never been there either. But I’ll write more on that later.

The past week also included a national webcast and meetup at The Woodward; burgers from MOTR; another burger from Quatman Café; a couple of drinks on the patio with friends at Neon’s; Washington Park Dog Park with more friends, followed by Neon’s again, and having Fireside Pizza delivered to The Growler House as an appetizer to precede Suzie Wong’s; Code and Coffee with Girl Develop It at Fort Thomas Coffee; our first tryst with Taste of Belgium – Rookwood (I know, we cheated on the bistro); a quick (and nearly fruitless) shopping adventure at Rookwood Commons and Pavilion; and an end-of-weekend treat at Putz’s Creamy Whip.

Reading through this, I’m not only reminded about how ready I am for the streetcar, but I’m also reminded about how far I’ve come in the barbeque department. This must be what growing up looks like.

It was yet another busy weekend+ in Cincinnati, but now it’s back on track budget wise (dietary and financial) for me. At least until Lumenocity festivities gear up later this week.

Make it a great one, friends!


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