Brunch at The Rookwood

Brunch at The Rookwood

Food (clockwise from left): Rookwood Benedict; Cream Cheese Biscuits with House-made raspberry jam; Bubbie’s Bagel; Vegan Burger; Biscuits and Goetta Gravy; Da Donut French Toast with pork belly on the side

We love to have dinner there and think the food is always great, so I can’t believe it took this long to finally try brunch at The Rookwood. But thanks to a couple of friends who suggested we go, we finally got to mark it off our list this past weekend.

The really nice thing about going with a small group of people was that we each got entrees and, in addition to the Biscuits and Goetta Gravy, Vegan Burger, Rookwood Benedict, and Bubbie’s Bagel, we also ordered and got to try Da Donut French Toast and Cream Cheese Biscuits with house-made raspberry jam.

Everything was good.

I loved what I got — the Biscuits and Goetta Gravy — and also really liked the Rookwood Benedict and Vegan Burger (I didn’t try Bubbie’s Bagel, so I can’t give an opinion there). The hash browns were great, and my personal favorite of the entire meal was Da Donut French Toast. It was as awesome as it sounds, though next time I’ll be sure to ask for syrup on the side because it got a little soggy for my liking and I don’t particularly like more syrup than necessary. The house-made raspberry jam was also really great.

Brunch was awesome and I’d recommend it to everyone. And if you skip beverages with your meal, it’s actually pretty reasonable for a nicer brunch in the area. I’ll happily go back for more.


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