Favorite Five: RANCH!


I’ve made it no secret about how much I love ranch dressing — on any kind of carb, really, and especially if that carb is fried and involves cheese. In fact, I was recently told, “Your love for ranch is almost legendary at this point.” Almost?! I have some work to do. 

So here I am.

It is one of my life goals to try all the ranch I can. So far, here are some of my favorite local, house-made ranches in the area*:

  1. Steak Nina (Springfield Twp.)
  2. Pontiac BBQ (OTR)
  3. Fireside Pizza (Walnut Hills)
  4. Knockback Nat’s (CBD)
  5. Habits Cafe (Oakley)

Honorable Mention: Bacall’s (College Hill), Frisch’s (multiple), Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club (Ludlow, Kentucky), Zip’s Cafe (Mt. Lookout)

Have a favorite I didn’t mention? Spill. I need to try them all!

*LaRosa’s ranch is amazing, but it’s a national brand. Outback ranch isn’t local either. Neither is Pollyeyes, despite being the single greatest ranch I’ve ever eaten.


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